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Industry Solution

Burglar alarm detector development trend of new technology2015-3-27

Burglar alarm multiple beam technology

In many of the detector, the infrared detector is one of common technology;The infrared detector in numerous detection technology, but the beam to now can not meet the requirements of the situation now.
Active infrared detector in the leaves, rain, small animals, dust, fog, should not call the police, or equivalent volume of goods keep out alarm will occur.Active infrared detector technology mainly USES the process a stop, belongs to the line, but now from the original beam to multiple beam, but also can double double, maximum jiangdu rate of false positives, so as to enhance the product's stability and reliability.

The shade, spraying and pet detection technology

Because moving detector is usually based on detecting an intruder radiation heat to the passive infrared (pir) technique, so usually need only covering detector can easily cheat in the past, there is when the system is under the condition of the emitter lens cup blocking will call the police, and sprinkle with even the transparent glue it will call the police.Therefore, referred to as a "more shade and integrated prevention spray detection" technology can fully guarantee the detection reliability of the detector.It includes reflection after metering function, infrared receiver function and integration spraying detection function, mirror after metering function can prevent the material flows through the detector positive;Infrared receiver reflection function can prevent the object close to or shade the detector.If the Treasury, insurance (trust) (trust) installed in libraries and other places have a probe of the technology of shade, robbery molecules would not be easy.
gsm alarm system very popular in home use.

Alarm host also add the function of SMS, voice, APP software function, its main purpose is to improve the practicability of the system.Using SMS alarm, alarm signal in any place can be received, and the communication time is very short, fast.And add a phonetic system, gsm alarm system can make a phone call for voice communication at any time, still can voice to monitor, more accurately grasp the scene of the alarm.Such as cable compatible wireless alarm host, the user can through the phone and mobile phone protection, removal, remote monitoring, and start the alarm, and automatically broadcast this information, and accurately inform the outside world and the attack for help information, etc.

Prevalence of IP network based on wireless transmission network security alarm is connected to the Internet application direction

Telephone alarm way is the most important is the most important domestic or foreign alarm networking way.Install alarm user alarm center through option and networking, regional alarm center is responsible for user police were called to deal with.Telephone alarm network has the advantage that does not need additional wiring, reliable transmission network, as long as there is option can be connected directly, with the most sophisticated JieChuJing software.Because of existing and mature JieChuJing platform, so can be relatively easily and conveniently with other security system for urban integration (public security video monitoring system, gsm alarm system,monitoring system, etc.) realize the alarm linkage.The downside is relatively high operating costs, and installation of alarm tenants to pay rent money, network speed is slow.