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Professionals to teach you the right to choose the burglar alarm2015-3-27

Professionals to teach you the right to choose the burglar alarm 

1, is a manufacturer of formal authorized dealer, usually formal channels tend to be able to provide more preferential gsm alarm systems, prices, excellent service and high quality products.
2, whether the alarm host transformer built-in,
3 c state regulations, the host transformer must be built-in and external is impossible through the national 3 c test.

3, whether the alarm host, infrared detector, door sensor through the national compulsory 3 c certification, 3 c certification for security products must pass the certification, is the primary factor to ensure product quality.
4, product packaging: presence of containing production factory name, address, trade mark and contact way?Without or lack of call your attention to is 3 without the product or fake and shoddy products, because the normal manufacturer production product packaging must have the above content.D + p6 n2 g

5, alarm host is waterproof, you know, the natural enemy of electronic product is water.Because the transformer is generally in the wild, natural disasters are inevitable, you will want to purchase equipment whether you can survive in the harsh environment?
6,gsm alarm system need built-in anti-theft alarm signal?A light external signal security is low.Alarm host and infrared detector with tamper and anti shut components?Without the self-protection ability

7, the infrared detector to see if they offer 9-12 v dc input interface, with dual power supply, ensure that the probe can not intermittent work, reduce the replacement battery trouble.       
8, if manufacturers choose better quality infrared detector, because everyone knows that infrared false alarm rate is quite high, only choose good quality infrared detector, to try to reduce false positives.Daping computer co., LTD., is to choose the first three infrared detection, in order to reduce false positives.
9, to see if factory have done pilot everywhere, because the weather in winter in the north is about 20 degrees below zero, the general equipment in such a case cannot run normally.
10, burglar alarm if there is a lightning protection test report, because the transformer anti-theft alarm is installed in the wild, some natural disasters will cause the damage of the equipment, this should be the problem you have to worry about.
11, infrared detector type of battery?Typically easy to replace batteries, seven type choice more big, blocky battery is not very convenient, and less power.
12, the gsm alarm system monitoring center screen display alarm date, time, alarm, extension, fault transformer and possible fault lines, and the electronic map display alarm transformer and fault line of the actual location, and the alarm data in the database for queries.