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Household anti-theft alarm, wireless remote control function and related principles2015-4-3

Household anti-theft alarm, wireless remote control function and related principles

Buy home burglar alarm now become a kind of fashion.Because "everybody need security, everyone to prevent."So now to buy household burglar alarm has become one of the Spring Festival gifts gifts.Buy home burglar alarm users know, home alarm system with a lot of accessories, we often have to use the remote control of home burglar alarm.Only take it out of the door is very convenient, as long as can cloth removal with a remote control.You know what a wireless remote control, what are they composed of?Let me take you to share together.

Wireless remote control is introduced

Wireless remote control using radio signals to the distance of various institutions to control the remote control equipment.These signals are far away, after receiving device to receive instructions or drive a variety of other corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete the various operations, such as closed circuit, mobile handle, start the motor, and then by the mechanical operation need.As a kind of supplement with infrared remote control remote control type, next to the garage door, electric door, gate remote control, anti-theft alarm, industrial control, and has been widely used in the field of wireless intelligent household.

Commonly used the wireless remote control system of launch and receive two parts

Launch section is divided into two types, namely, remote control and emission module, remote control and remote control module is for use, the remote control can be used independently as a machine, external lead wiring pile head;And remote control module to use when a component in the circuit, according to the pin definition for application, the advantage of using the remote control module can be seamless connection and application circuit, small volume, low price and everything, but the consumer must really know the circuit principle, otherwise or with the remote control is convenient.auto dail alarm system is good.

Receiving part in general is divided into two types, namely the superheterodyne and super-regenerative reception mode, also called super-regenerative super-regenerative demodulation circuit detection circuit, it is actually work in the regeneration of the intermittent oscillation condition detection circuit.Superheterodyne demodulation circuit is the same as the early, it is to set up a local oscillation circuit to generate oscillation signal, and receives the carrier frequency signal after mixing, intermediate frequency (usually 465 KHZ) signal, the intermediate frequency amplifier and detection, demodulation of the data signal.Due to the carrier frequency is fixed, so its circuit is simpler than the radio.Superheterodyne receiver, high sensitivity, stable and relatively good anti-jamming capability;Super-regenerative type of receiver is small in size, the price is cheap.

Household anti-theft alarm, wireless remote control using a wide range, the remote control at home alarm system plays a very important role.Wherever any time with the remote control can control the situation at home.Now home wireless remote control become each family users go out will carry accessories at any time, just like our keys.